How To Get And Keep Healthy Glowing Skin

The skin is the body’s largest and heaviest organ. Its main purpose is to protect the body from the outside world. Keeping it healthy is of the utmost importance. It also helps maintain the proper internal body temperature. Nerve ending in the skin puts us in touch with the outside world. Our skin’s appearance is important to all of us. This article tells a little about my efforts keep my skin healthy and glowing

Everyday Care

I learned that thoroughly cleaning and moisturizing twice a day was great for my skin. The process made my skin healthier looking and glowing. I do my routine first thing in the morning and at night.

These are my steps:

– use an oil free facial cleaner to wash my face, neck and ears.

– use my hand and fingers to apply and wash off the cleanser always moving my fingers in small upward circular motions. I don’t use a cloth or anything abrasive.  I let the skin air dry.

– use an oil free deep cleaning astringent. I use a cotton pad to apply and remove the astringent. (upward motions)

– apply Retinal with vitamin c to my neck and throat. I always apply using upward strokes.

– moisturize with an anti-aging serum

– apply moisturizer around the eyes and on the eyelids. Dab using my ring finger. Dab and never pull the          skin   around the eyes.

. – apply the anti-aging serum to my neck, face and ears. I start at the base of my neck using upward strokes.

The cosmetic industry promotes many products for make-up and skin care. When deciding what products are right for you it’s smart to get the help of a cosmetic consultant. The best way I know to do that is to visit the cosmetic department in a full-line department store.

The consultants on the floors in department stores are well-trained and knowledgeable. Visit at least two different stores and work with one person in each store. They have very good product knowledge and will be willing to share it. The associate that you chose will push their own line but will share a ton of good information that you need to decide on how to set up your skin care program.

When you come to the point where you are trying to decide what product to use in your program, it’s time to do your homework. The consultants have given you a very good idea of what you need. You can now go shopping for the products based on the parameters you set. Remember that you don’t have to sacrifice quality for price. Research all the products that your consultants talked with you about. You don’t have to pay department store prices unless you want to. Do your search for quality products at a fair price.


I use a satin pillow case. I learned that the less friction between the pillow and the face the less damage to the skin. Where there is a tendency to come off the pillow on to the sheet a satin sheet can help. I try to do the night cleansing 15 minutes before I actually get in bed. That gives the agents a chance to be absorbed.

A good and restful night’s sleep helps your entire body in countless way. I borrowed a system from a friend that has helped me get to sleep and sleep soundly.

– Once in bed get in your favorite sleeping position

– Starting with the soles of your feet and relax each part of your body one part at a time. Concentrate briefly on each part. (feet. ankles, legs etc.) Go all the way to head and then relax completely.

At first when doing the relaxing I found myself going all the way through the process before falling asleep. Within few weeks I found myself falling asleep in the middle of it.



I avoid long periods in the sun. This Is a challenge for me because there are so many fun outdoor things to do. Most people use sunblock to lessen the sun’s effect on the skin. That does help. I don’t use sunblock because it makes dirt settle on my skin. I depend on the agents that are in the products I have used in my daily care to give me a degree of protection.

Yard work can be fun and rewarding. However, while working in the yard we expose our skin to dirt and the chemicals we have put there. When cutting grass, we fill the air dirt and chemical particles. There’s no way to avoid doing that. The best practice is to do a thorough cleaning of all skin that was exposed during the yard work session.

Alcoholic Drink

I enjoy a cold beer or a glass of wine like most people. There was a time when I probably enjoyed them more than most people. Dehydration is the biggest problem for me when it comes to alcohol. I try to stay under the two drink daily limit. All things in moderation.

Smoking is bad for our health in general. It can take years to show its effect inside our bodies. It shows in our face much quicker. The smart thing to do is to stay away from smoking completely.


It all comes down to small sacrifices for big gains. I’ll close this post with my biggest sacrifice story.

I have loved tennis since high school. I started playing tennis in the 9th grade never missing a chance to be on the tennis court. The effects of the sun on my skin were not good at all. I realized that during high school. After high school I continued to play at my usual pace for a number of years. My skin started to show dryness and wrinkles. I felt I had to make an adjustment.

I started to play on lighted courts after sundown and on indoor courts during the day. It took a while to adjust to the speed of ball and sounds on the indoor courts. I didn’t like the change, but it stopped the sun damage.

I am now 77 years young. Still playing tennis when every I get the chance. I never play in the sun. My skin does not look 77 thanks to my skin care routine and playing my tennis where it’s safe.

In future post we will talk more about skin care products. Don’t wait to start your skin care program.

Small sacrifice big gain.

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