About Larry

My site was originally developed to put forth ideas and methods that would give skin a healthy ageless glow. I got most of my ideas working in my first career. That was Retail Merchandising. I worked for a high-end-full-service department store in Washington DC.
One of my first positions was that of Assistant Buyer in Small Electrics.  Personal Care was a sub department of Small Electrics. I was given the Personal Care department to maintain and further develop.

One of the items in that department got my attention was an item with very strong sales potential. It was a tabletop facial sauna. To grow that business I developed a very strong interest in skin Care with the manufacture’s representative and others in his company to learn all I could about skincare. I learned a lot

As things work in  Department Store Retailing, I was promoted through a number of positions with varying responsibilities. One of the positions was Area Sales Manager in one of the branch stores. One of the departments that I was responsible for was Cosmetics. That connected me to my skincare interest again. I made it my personal goal the work with the floor beauty advisers and the manufacture’s representatives to learn all could about their product and skincare methods. I learned a lot!I

Later I was moved to Human Resources/Recruiting and Placement. I saw firsthand how important one’s personal presentation could be. l learned that when candidates felt that they looked good they made good impressions and were confident.

A person with that Ageless Glow can light up a room.


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