Oil-Free Moisturizer

In my last post I talked about cleansing the face and neck with an oil-free cleanser. I spoke about the use of a foaming oil-free cleanser as the first step. The second step was the deep cleansing step using an oil-free astringent. In this post we will look at moisturizing.

Proper skin moisturizing has been shown to increase the water content in the outer layer of the skin.

I use an anti-aging serum for moisturizing my face. It hydrates, protects, firms and reliefs skin stress.. Among its extraordinary ingredients are kiwi fruit extract, hyaluronic acid, astaxanthin, biotin and sustainable squalane from olives. It is without parabens, sulfates or other harmful ingredients.

Here are the nourishing aspects of the serum.

– Sustainable Squalane

100% plant-based. Sustainable Squalane from olives is easily absorbed to help protect the skin and seal in moisture without feeling greasy.

– Hyaluronic Acid

  Immediately goes into my skin layers to lock in moisture and boost hydration.

– Pepties-38 smooths and reduces the appearance of deep wrinkles for noticeably younger-looking skin.

I have found that using this moisturizing serum has given my skin that ageless glow that I had looked for. I will mention just two of the problems that I had that this serum has completely resolved. The first was that I had developed deep lines at the outside corners of my eyes. The second was that the skin over my cheekbones looked puffy and loose. After making this serum a part of my skincare program, the deep lines in the corner of my eyes are completely gone. The puffiness on my cheekbones has all but disappeared.

I am not suggesting that you get this serum and expect the same results that I have gotten. I have said many times in other post that you have to find the product that works for you. All the information that I have given in this post is to help you in your search for the product that works best for you.

At some point in the future I will have the names of some products that you might want to research. I am working to bring that about. However, you should not wait. Start your search right away. The quicker you start the quicker you’ll get your ageless glow.

I would love to hear that you have been successful. Email me with your success story.

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