Oil-Free Skin Care Products

Skin care products that contain oil can coat the skin and even invite bacteria. The skin absorbs oil-free products better. Hydration is achieved much more effectively with oil-free products.   

I use an oil-free foaming facial cleanser. This product is the first step in my morning skin care routine. It is very easy to use. Just wet your face and hands. Apply a small amount of the cleanser. Work the cleanser into a lather with your fingers. Use gentle circular upward motion starting at the throat and working all the way to the hairline. Avoid getting cleanser in eyes. Go to the back of the neck and rub in gentle upward motion. Rinse thoroughly. The cleanser leaves your skin clean and vibrant.

The next step is deep cleansing. For this step I use an oil-free deep cleansing astringent. I use a cotton pad with the astringent. I find that the pad works better for me that cotton balls. First wet half of the cotton pad with the astringent. I start around the eyes. I’m very careful not to get too close to the eyes. I pat the astringent around the eyes and on the eyelids. Never tug or wipe. Next, I go to the neck, front and back, and throat. I press the pad and move in upward with circular movement. Then to the jaws and work up to my ears and temple areas using small upward circles. Next, I go between the eyes and work upward to the hairline. Last, I work the back of the neck with upward strokes.

That is the first part of my morning oil-free routine.

In my next post I will go over how to moisturize and what to use. At some point I will be able to share the actual products that I use. I’m working with the companies to bring you that information.

Until next time, stay oil-free.

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