Watercress For Healthy Skin and Hair

Watercress is a green leafy vegetable in the cabbage, kale and Brussels spout family


For a long time watercress was considered to be a weed. It’s found growing wild in some cases near streams and marshes.

I first became familiar with watercress when I was growing up in the south. My brother, cousin and I spent a lot of time in the woods. One of our favorite activities was hand catching crayfish in the small streams. Next to most of the streams watercress grew in abundance. We had no idea that the watercress was an eatable vegetable.

On one of our trips to the woods our older uncle came with us. We were crayfishing in the sallow stream. Our uncle pointed out the watercress. He called them by another name (caresses). He told us that he would pay us for each bag of the watercress we could cut and bring to him. He used his pocket knife to showed us how to harvest the watercress.

Our little watercress business really took off. But, that’s a story for another day.

How Watercress can make us healthier

Here are a few nutrition facts:

calories 4

carbs 0.4 grams

protein 0.8

fat 0

fiber .02

vitamin A 22% of RDI

vitamin c 24% of RDI

vitamin K 106% of RDI

calcium 4% of RDI

magnesium 4% of RDI

Vitamin A

– Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles. Boosts the production of collagen

– Combats signs of UV damage

– Helps prevent clogging of the pores

– Improves skin tone by helping to produce new blood vessels

Vitamin C

– Boost collagen production

– Reduces appearance of dark spots

– Reduces the appearance of early aging

– Keep skin hydrated

Vitamin K

– Reduces inflammation

– Reduces dark circles

– Protects hair from free radical

Watercress The Super Food

Watercress is the one leafy green vegetable that provides 100%of RDI. We can take advantage of all this leafy green vegetable has to offer by adding to our diet. Here are a couple of quick and easy recipes that can do it.


1 chopped onion

2 garlic cloves

1/4 stick of butter

olive oil 15 ml

400 grams of potatoes (sliced)

750ml vegetable stock

150 grams of Watercress

1/2 cup of heavy cream

salt and pepper (to taste)

cook on medium heat for 35 minutes

Watercress/Spinach Salad

– Place 50/50 mix of spinach and watercress

in salad bowl. ( 5 qt )

– Cut through mixture in several (6) different directions

using large knife and fork

– Add cucumbers sliced and diced 1/2 cup

– Add cherry tomatoes cut in half 1/2 cup

– Add Grapes cut in half 1/2 cup

– Add Strawberries cut in half 10

– Ad sliced onions to taste

– Add carrot slithers ( cut with peeler )

– Toss and add favorite dressing

These dishes are loaded with help for your hair and skin. They are also great for your overall health and well-being. There is even a bigger plus. My whole idea in presenting these dishes is to get you working on your  own watercress dishes. After you’re have tried these recipes out several times, you’re will start to create dishes of your own. When that happens you’re on the way to having lots of fun making yourself healthier with great looking skin and hair.

Please continue to use the items in these recipes to make different dishes. They are great for you.


Over and Under

In this article and the one before I have talked about what we can do to get and maintain health glowing skin and healthy hair by watching what we eat.

In the very first article I talked about how to improve hair and skin by topical means. A regular routine of cleansing and caring for our skin and hair is effective and very important. However, our food intake and our topical care are equally important. I call it the Over/Under connection.

Let me say here that in my search I found no random controlled trails that points to a definite link between diet and nutrition and dermatological condition. So, I make no claims of a proven connection. What I am suggesting is that eating healthy nutritious foods improves your overall health. So, I make a point to eat foods with high nutritional value. It is also important to like and enjoy what I eat. That’s where the good tasting dishes come in. I have learned to prepare good nutritious food in a way that is appetizing to me. So as far as the UNDER (what I eat) I look for what’s good for me and a good tasting way to prepare it.

As for the OVER, the skin care industry is loaded with product. There are all manner of claims made by manufactures as to what a particular product can do to improve the look of your skin and hair. I found that the best way to find out what worked for me was to try the product. The first step is to research the product before your buy it. Do a though study of the product that claims to produce the results you want. When you’re have done this to your satisfaction, buy the product and try it. When works you’re home free. When it doesn’t work keep searching.

In my next article I will be giving some information on topical skin care products. These will be suggestion on where to start your search. I will name the product that I have found to be effective for me. However, you’re don’t have to wait. Start your search now based on the results you’re’re looking for.

I’ll see you on the next post.



Please take the watercress recipes and work with them to create your own. Add or delete ingrediances bases on your personal taste. Be particularly creative with the soup recipe. Remember that soup can be prepared to be served hot or cold.

The salad recipe has endless possibilities. Let your imagination go in all culinary directions.

Remember to start your research on the topical skin and hair products. Take your time searching. Be very discriminating. Make sure all ingredients are of good quality. Check the reviews on every product.

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