Oil-Free Skin Care Products

Skin care products that contain oil can coat the skin and even invite bacteria. The skin absorbs oil-free products better. Hydration is achieved much more effectively with oil-free products.    I use an oil-free foaming facial cleanser. This product is the first step in my morning skin care routine. It is very easy to use. … Read more

Watercress For Healthy Skin and Hair

Watercress is a green leafy vegetable in the cabbage, kale and Brussels spout family For a long time watercress was considered to be a weed. It’s found growing wild in some cases near streams and marshes. I first became familiar with watercress when I was growing up in the south. My brother, cousin and I … Read more

Best Food For Healthy Skin And Hair

We have talked about how to cleanse and care for the skin. That is of the utmost importance. Caring for the skin topically can not be over emphasized. However, we cannot over look the foundation. Our skin covers and protects our bodies. Our body must give our skin a healthy place to set. What we … Read more

How To Get And Keep Healthy Glowing Skin

The skin is the body’s largest and heaviest organ. Its main purpose is to protect the body from the outside world. Keeping it healthy is of the utmost importance. It also helps maintain the proper internal body temperature. Nerve ending in the skin puts us in touch with the outside world. Our skin’s appearance is … Read more

About Larry

My site was originally developed to put forth ideas and methods that would give skin a healthy ageless glow. I got most of my ideas working in my first career. That was Retail Merchandising. I worked for a high-end-full-service department store in Washington DC.One of my first positions was that of Assistant Buyer in Small … Read more